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Connecting everyone with
the light of hope

  • Working under the principle of "connecting,"
    NTT welcomes torchbearers who will carry the light of hope
    for people all over Japan.

  • "Light of hope" has so many meanings when it comes to the
    relationships between these torchbearers and local communities across
    Japan. They connect the past and the future, paving the road
    ahead while preserving an appreciation for the past in regional areas.
    They connect the people in local communities through activities in
    sports teams, groups and organizations.
    They also connect an unbroken chain of traditional craftsmanship
    by breathing new life into time-honored techniques and customs.

  • These torchbearers energize and revitalize the people around them.
    Here, NTT presents messages from each of
    these passionate and strong-willed torchbearers.

  • Let's cheer on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay
    together with Team NTT!

Tokyo 2020 Olympic TORCHBEARERS
For the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay
bring people together from every part of Japan
in the spirit of #ConnectingWithHope

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay

Many people have applied to be torchbearers for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay.
So what do we know about the people who were chosen for this honor? At NTT, we decided to interview the friends and family of five torchbearers to discover more. But the torchbearers themselves don't know—we're going to surprise them with a personalised video presentation! What a wonderful memory to treasure for evermore. Very soon the Torch Relay will start out on its journey to bring the Light of Hope to communities throughout Japan. See how the torchbearers are feeling as they wait for their turn to be part of this wonderful event!

Tokyo2020 Olympic TORCH RELAY



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NTT Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torchbearer Secretariat

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Preserving local traditions while looking to the future
ToyamaRepresenting Toyama prefecture is Mirai Katsuta, who will be just 13 years of age when he carries the famous torch. When he was six, his family relocated from Switzerland to Asahimachi Sasakawa, where the unique Shishimai dance has been performed for the last 800 years. Mirai will be making his Shishimai debut this summer, doing his best to preserve this wonderful local tradition. What will his surprise be?
Helping athletes to connect with local communities
GifuThe torchbearer chosen from Gifu prefecture is Keiko Sakihata, a supervisor and respected mother figure at a student accommodation facility. Apparently some of the students have a chance of appearing at the Olympic Games, and she wanted to show her support for them by carrying the torch. She’s going to get a wonderful surprise!
Inspiring young children to get involved in track and field
MiyagiFrom Miyagi prefecture comes Mayu Sato, who represented Japan in the relay at the Olympic Games Beijing 2008. After getting married and moving to Taiwacho, she started a running club where she teaches running techniques to enthusiastic members. Mayu registered for the Torch Relay because she wanted to do something that would make her local community proud. What a wonderful surprise awaits her!
Teaching children the art of making traditional Japanese sweets
HiroshimaFrom Hiroshima prefecture comes Kaido Takata, whose family has been producing traditional Japanese confectionary for 400 years. Today, Kaido runs sweet-making classes at schools on the islands of the shimmering Seto Inland Sea, helping to preserve this important Japanese tradition for generations to come. What will be his surprise?
A teacher who supports people in similar circumstances
NiigataRepresenting Niigata prefecture is Miki Sato. After losing part of her right leg by an accident as a high school student, Miki was inspired to teach prosthetics technology to younger people at university with the aim of giving others in a similar situation the chance to experience the joy of running. What is the surprise that awaits Miki?