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#Team NTT Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay

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Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay procession

With cheering crowds lining the Torch Relay route,
the 2020 NTT trailer will bring a "light of hope" to people throughout Japan!

  • Relay guide block
    Relay guide block
  • Relay group block
    Relay group block
  • Torchbearer block
    Torchbearer block

Relay guide block

Relay guide block
  • The media vehicle will tell onlookers when the Torch Relay is about to arrive, and hand out items they can use to cheer on the torchbearers. Images of the crowds lining the route will appear on the 2020 NTT trailer accompanying the relay group block, thrilling the crowd.

Relay group block

Relay group block
  • The Relay Team block comprises the media van followed by the striking 2020 NTT trailer, which heralds the torchbearer's impending arrival. Massive LED screens on the sides of the trailer display images of excited torchbearers and supporters along the Torch Relay route and elsewhere in Japan.
    Crowds on the Torch Relay route will be treated to a unique interactive visual spectacular that includes a vehicle-mounted floating-ball display featuring advanced communication technology. Watching the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay promises to be a truly immersive experience!

Torchbearer block

Torchbearer block
  • The torchbearers are here!
    Each torchbearer will carry the torch for about 200 meters to the cheers of the excited crowd, and then pass it to the next torchbearer.

Let's charge the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch
Relay route into a parade of excitement!

Let's all cheer on our torchbearers!
#TEAMNTT Smile Relay

The #TEAMNTT parade's main attraction is the 2020 NTT trailer,
with its two massive LED screens showing video messages
and other captivating content.
Flash your biggest smile at the torchbearers as they run past!

聖火リレー沿道にみんなの笑顔を咲かせよう!<br>#チームNTT  スマイルリレー
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Travelling all over Japan, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay procession will consist of the torchbearers and a convoy of escort vehicles. Leading the procession will be the guide vehicle with the 2020 NTT trailer close behind handing out flags, samples and other goodies. On its sides you'll see video messages and performances that will energise the Torch Relay into a spectacular event.