Recruitment of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torchbearers
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Selection

  • When will the recruitment start?
    After the application period closes (end of August 2019), applicants will be screened and selected from early September until early December 2019.
  • How will the torchbearers be selected?
    Based on the "Basic Requirements for Torchbeaer Applicants" and the "Basic Approach to Torchbearer Selection" provided in the Torchbearer Application Requirements Form released by each recruiting organisation,the recruiting organisation makes the selection and sends the list of candidates to the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee for final approval.
  • Will the selection be a draw or first-come-first-served?
    Appropriate candidates will be selected as torchbearers. There will be no draw, and the selection will not be made on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Can I apply to the torch relay in Greece?
    The torch relay in Greece is organised by the Hellenic Olympic Committee (HOC). We are recruiting torchbearers only for the torch relay that will take place in Japan.
  • Is selection to receive tickets to watch the Olympic/Paralympic Games related to selection to be a torchbearer?
    No, there is no relation between selection to receive tickets to watch the Olympic/Paralympic Games and selection to be a torchbearer.
    Torchbearers will be selected in accordance with torchbearer selection criteria regardless of whether or not applicants have been selected to receive tickets to watch the Olympic/Paralympic Games.
  • Is there a particular age group that has a better chance of being selected?
    There is no particular age group that will be given preference or priority. The torchbearers will be selected from a broad field of runners who meet the selection criteria. To ensure a fair and open relay, we will strive to maintain a balance in terms of nationality, gender, and age (there will be an age limit for safety reasons) as well as those with/without an impairment.
  • Can I publicly announce that I will run as a torchbearer?
    Yes, you may. However, you are prohibited from using your role as a torchbearer for religious or political purposes, or for personal promotion or publicity.
  • When and how will applicants know the result?
    If you are selected as a torchbearer, you will be notified of the result via email or postal mail in or after December 2019. We will not send any notification to those who were not selected. However, if a position becomes vacant before two weeks prior to the scheduled run, we may contact an applicant who was not selected to fill the vacancy.
  • Will I be interviewed by media before the run?
    Based on the consent you have given on the application form, there is a possibility that you are asked to give an interview before your run.
  • Will I be contacted if I am not selected to be a torchbearer?
    Unsuccessful applicants will not be contacted. However, in the case that a torchbearer becomes unable to participate in the relay within two weeks of the day on which he/she is scheduled to participate, unselected applicants may be offered the opportunity to participate. In such cases, applicants will be informed of their selection by the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Contact Information for Inquiries

NTT Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torchbearer Recruitment Secretariat

Period of availability: June 24 (Mon.) – December 26 (Thu.), 2019

[Important Points to Note]
  • ・We cannot accept inquiries regarding selection/rejection of applications or the applicant selection process.
  • ・Applications cannot be made via e-mail or telephone.
  • ・It may take some time to connect the call when lines are congested
  • ・It may take a considerable amount of time for us to reply to your inquiry due to unavoidable reasons, such as an unexpectedly large number of inquiries.
  • ・Please set your device to receive e-mails from the domain
  • ・We cannot accept inquiries regarding registration information or applications from persons other than the applicant.
  • ・Applicants for NTT employees and related persons can not apply.