Recruitment of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torchbearers
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Torchbearers

  • If I am seleted, when will I be informed of the date of my run?
    The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee will inform all torchbearers of their date and route of the torch relay run after the middle of February 2020.
  • What is the distance each torchbearer will run?
    Each torchbearer will run about 200 metres. (Please note that the running distance may be more or may be less than 200 metres. Torchbearers may run at their own speed and at a relaxed pace.)
  • Is it possible for another person to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay in place of a selected torchbearer (proxy runner)?
    It is not possible for another person to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay in place of a selected torchbearer (proxy runner). *Not possible for a torchbearer to transfer their participation segment to another person.
  • is there a dress code or any rules about the shoes I wear during the torch relay?
    A uniform will be distributed to the torchbeaers on the day of their run. Torchbearers will not be allowed to wear shirts or pants ther than the uniform. Shoes are not included in the uniform, so please bring your own running shoes. A more detailed guideline will be available after the final selection of the torchbearers.
  • Can I take a selfie while I run?
    Torchbearers will be allowed to bring their mobile phones with them during their run, but in order to ensure the safety of all those involved, we will prohibit the torchbearers taking selfies during their run. They are free to take photos in areas that will not interfere with the torch relay operation.
  • I use a wheelchair; is it possible for me to participate in the Olympic Torch Relay?
    If you require a wheelchair or other devices or equipment to enable you to participate in the Olympic Torch Relay, please make arrangements for these yourself. We will make arrangements for an attachment for your wheelchair to hold the torch through the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
    ・Those who have difficulty running by themselves may be accompanied by one helper.
    ・If necessary, physically disabled persons may be accompanied by their assistance dog.
    ・Helpers are not regarded as “torchbearers”, but will be provided separately with a uniform for when participating in the Olympic Torch Relay.
  • Will I have to pay my own way to reach the meeting place for the torch relay run? What if I am selected to run at a remote place like an island?
    Participation will be free of charge, but you must pay for your own round-trip transportation (and accommodation if necessary). There will be no refund in the event that the torch relay is cancelled for unavoidable reasons. The same rule applies for the leg of the relay route that will take place on one of the remot islands.
  • Can my family accompany me from the meeting point to the dismissal point?
    Torchbearers will be required to report to the meeting point (where they will collect their uniform) and will be dismissed at a designated location after they complete their leg of the torch relay. After they report to the meeting point, torchbearers will, in principle, be required to stay with the other torchbearers. There will be no particular waiting area for their families.
  • Is it possible to participate in the Olympic Torch Relay with my assistance dog?
    If necessary, physically disabled persons may be accompanied by their assistance dog.

Contact Information for Inquiries

NTT Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torchbearer Recruitment Secretariat

Period of availability: June 24 (Mon.) – December 26 (Thu.), 2019

[Important Points to Note]
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  • ・It may take some time to connect the call when lines are congested
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  • ・Applicants for NTT employees and related persons can not apply.