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Beach Volleyball

Image: Photograph of rugby footballer Kai KUROKAWA during a match.

Securing my place on the Olympic team!

Thank you for your continuous support.
I will play my hardest so that everyone who comes to watch enjoys the match!
With gratitude in my heart for everyone’s kind support, I train hard every day to achieve my goals.
Let’s all generate excitement in the build-up to the Olympic Games!


Image: Facial photograph of Kai KUROKAWA.


 Beach Volleyball
Date of Birth:
 November 20, 1994
 Kyoto City, Kyoto
My Favorites:
 Watching movies, YouTube, etc.

I have been active in international tournaments, placing 17th at the 2012 Beach Volleyball U19 World Championships, 9th at the 2013 Asian U21 Beach Volleyball Championships, and 25th at the 2014 World University Beach Volleyball Championships. In Japan, I won top place both in high school and university competitions, including the Men's National Junior Beach Volleyball Championships and the Men's and Women’s National University Beach Volleyball Championships. I graduated from Kokushikan University in March 2017 and joined NTT in April of the same year.


Goals for this season

Win top tours! Attack and win with confidence!!


Main achievements

  • National Ranking: 24th (as of December 6, 2018)
  • 2018 Beach volleyball Moon cup in Onjuku: 3rd Place
  • 2017 JBV Satellite Koshigaya: Winner
  • 2017 JBV Satellite Hiratsuka: Runner-up
  • 2016 All Japan Intercollegiate Beach Volleyball Championship: Runner-up
  • 2015 All Japan Intercollegiate Beach Volleyball Championship: Winner
  • 2014 All Japan Intercollegiate Beach Volleyball Championship: Winner