Passing the baton to the future

Image: Photograph of elementary school children participating in a “Mobile Telephone Recycling Class”. The children smile at the camera making “peace” signs with their fingers in front of a blackboard on which is written the “Everyone’s Medal” Project logo.


Making medals from urban mines!
“Everyone’s Medal” Project

Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 NTT Tokyo 2020 Gold Partner

Making medals from used mobile telephones and other small appliances

Image: Logo for the “Making medals from urban mines! ‘Everyone’s Medal’ Project”.

There are only two years to go until the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. For the first time in 56 years, the Summer Games to be held in Japan will feature 28 events, exceeding the 20 Olympic/Paralympic events held at the Tokyo 1964 Games, and a medal rush is anticipated for the Japanese team.
The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games launched the “Making medals from urban mines! ‘Everyone’s Medal’ Project” in April 2017, calling on citizens’ participation. Used mobile telephones and other small appliances are being collected and their gold, silver, and bronze removed and reused to make medals for the Olympic/Paralympic Games. NTT Docomo is promoting the project by collecting used mobile telephones at all of our shops as well as utilizing the recycling process.

Aiming for a “first” at the Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Games

Do you have any unused mobile telephones or smartphones lying around?
In 2017, the information and communication device household ownership rate for mobile terminals was 94.8%, of which smartphones comprises 75.1%,*1 exceeding the household ownership rate for personal computers.
Considering that consumer behavior surveys have found that people tend to replace their mobile telephones—essential to daily life as information terminals—just over every four years or so, this world-first project for recycling used mobile telephones and other small appliances 100% to create medals will also lead to the creation of mechanisms for recycling limited resources.

*1 Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. “2018 White Paper on Information and Communications in Japan: Sustainable Growth Through ICT in an Era of Population Decline.

Image: Photograph of a bag filled to overflowing with a huge number of used mobile telephones collected by NTT.

At the Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Games, athletes will be presented with approx. 5,000 Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals
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Creating the legacy of realizing an ecology society

Mobile telephones contain gold, silver, bronze, palladium, and other metals that are precious resources for Japan, which has few metal resources. Accordingly, NTT Docomo is collecting used mobile telephones at approx. 2,400 Docomo shops nationwide. NTT Docomo is the only mobile carrier to have received approval under the Ministry of the Environment’s wide-area recycling designation system. We also collect mobile telephones at various Olympics-related events, and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Partners are also collecting mobile telephones, widening the circle of activities.
In addition, NTT is conducting “Mobile Telephone Recycling Classes” at some elementary schools to provide opportunities for children—the leaders of the future—to learn about the importance of recycling.
With 2020 as a catalyst, we are aiming to establish small electrical appliance recycling through this project, creating the legacy of realizing an environmentally friendly sustainable society.

Image: Photograph of a scene from an event where used mobile telephones are collected, with used mobile telephones being collected from boy and girl elementary school students.

NTT Docomo collects used mobile telephones at various events.

Image: Photograph showing a scene from a “Mobile Telephone Recycling Class”. In a school classroom, NTT staff show a video explaining the medal project on the TV screen as the children throw questions at them.

Children in a Mobile Telephone Recycling Class

Medals packed with everyone’s hopes and dreams will be shining from athletes’ chests!

The “Making medals from urban mines! ‘Everyone’s Medal’ Project” will enable many, many people to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic/Paralympic Games through items we use in our everyday lives. Used mobile telephones are packed with the emotions and thoughts of their owners.

“This was my first flip-phone. I put in a high-volume battery and would use the phone until the battery died.”

“Even after the battery cover was lost, I patched the phone up with sticky tape and kept using it.”

People’s beloved telephones will be recycled 100% and transformed into medals for the Tokyo 2020 Games!

Everyone join the action as your mobile phones are reborn as special medals that will shine from the chests of top athletes from around the world who have overcome tremendous hurdles and persevered in their challenge to be the world’s best!