Passing the baton to the future

Towards a legacy looking beyond 2020 and realization of the “Smart World”

image:to the Smart World

The year 2020 is the “First Year of 5G”, the year in which commercial services for next generation communications “5G” begin in earnest. Highly anticipated to finally usher Japan into the Age of 5G, this technology is attracting tremendous attention and expectations.

Says NTT President Sawada the a press conference, “[The main Olympic stadium] will be installed with one Wi-Fi access point for approx. every 70 seats, providing a pleasant and convenient internet environment. Moreover, the very latest cyber security will counter various cyber threats.”

During the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, NTT is planning to provide communications services supporting 20,000 people in total. Preparations are underway to equip the stadium (capacity of approx. 68,000) where the Olympic/Paralympic Games’ Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, and track and field events are to be held with not only the world’s highest level of high-density Wi-Fi, but also new, revolutionary sports viewing technologies incorporating next-generation communications “5G” for the use and enjoyment of many, many people.

Towards realization of the “Smart World”

In 2020, the Olympic volleyball and wheelchair basketball events are scheduled to be held at the Ariake Arena. As one legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, this facility is to be the most cutting-edge “smart arena”, a new sporting and cultural base for the use of a diversity of people ranging from top athletes and artists to local Tokyo residents, and so the incorporation of the latest ICT technologies and services into the facility will be considered.

In addition, NTT is also providing street guide information for wheelchair users and other initiatives aimed at the realization of a universal society, undertaking biological and environmental digitalization initiatives as countermeasures against summer heat, and—in collaboration with Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.— embarking on traffic demand management initiatives aimed at alleviating congestion.

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Going forward, we at NTT will continue to provide new sports-viewing experiences and contribute to the resolution of urban issues through the realization of the “Smart World”, continuing to disseminate new challenges and technologies for creating and supporting Tokyo’s future form throughout Japan and the world.