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Henshin Kabuki

Experience a new sensation of Kabuki culture using NTT lab’s leading-edge technology

This is a hands-on exhibit that combines NTT lab’s leading-edge technologies with Kabuki, one of Japan’s representative, traditional performing arts, with Kabuki ’s unique makeup, "Kumadori ", as a motif.
If the visitor picks up a Kumadori mask he or she likes and stands in front of the large monitor, the mask type is recognized with high precision by Angle-Free Object Search Technology regardless of the direction and inclination of the mask. The Kumadori pattern is then superimposed on the visitor’s face and the visitor is transformed into a Kabuki actor.
Also, this is projection mapped onto a huge 3D face together with a dynamic performance of distinctive Kabuki poses and expressions.
In addition, the many immovable Kumadori masks hanging on the walls, are shown with a variety of expressions such as laughing and being angry usign Deformation Lamps Technology.

  • The expressions of immovable Kumadori masks on the wall are changed using Deformation Lamps Technology
  • The Kumadori mask pattern is recognized using Angle-Free Object Search Technology and superimposed on a face
  • It is projected onto a huge 3D face with a performance of distinctive Kabuki poses and expressions

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