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Digitization of one of “humanity’s assets”

The Vatican Library Digital Archive

From April 2014, NTT DATA took part in the digital archiving project of rare handwritten manuscripts owned by the Vatican Apostolic Library.
In this project, in addition to digitizing approximately 3,000 volumes in 4 years, we provided a digital archive system for long-term preservation of the digital data of digitized handwritten manuscripts and opened the data widely to the public.
The website built using the digital archive service "AMLAD", that brings together the digital archive technology of NTT DATA, is recognized as the only official digital archive site of the Vatican Library under the name of DigiVatLib (DVL). It is now possible to view as high-definition digital data a wide variety of historical handwritten manuscripts extremely valuable in human history which are deteriorating daily.

  • A contribution to the inheritance of historical heritage through preservation of rare handwritten manuscripts
  • A touch panel exhibit of DigiVatLib, the only official Vatican Library digital archive site, built with NTT DATA’s digital archive solution, “AMLAD”
  • An exhibit of a replica of the “Urbinate Bible”, said to be the world’s most beautiful bible

A website introducing the project

DigiVatLib (DVL)

Digita Vaticana, an organization supporting the project to digitize the Vatican Library’s handwritten manuscripts, are seeking funds to support this project on its website.

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