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ICT for Formula 1 IoT Data Analysis

NTT Com’s Software-defined technologies transforms McLaren’s F1 networks


NTT Communications' SDx technologies such as SD-WAN, NFV and SD-Exchange have been adopted by McLaren for Formula 1 Grands Prix.
SD-WAN offers expanded bandwidth and highly efficient data transmission in response to data priority by combining MPLS circuits and the Internet.
Network functions virtualization (NFV) infrastructure is leveraged in the cloud to rapidly deploy both WAN acceleration for data transmission without latency, and a unified threat management (UTM) Web proxy function for guaranteed network security.
NTT Com's SD-Exchange service enables high-volume data to be transmitted much faster than with a normal internet connection.

  • High Performance: 100+GB sensor data traverses across continents
  • Application-based Control: SD-WAN enables dynamic traffic engineering
  • Flexibility & Agility: NFV enables quick provisioning of IT infrastructure
  • Visibility: Application level dashboard reporting

Buru-Navi Haptic Controller

F1 racing experience with Buru-Navi haptic controller

Buru-Navi leverages human haptic perception to create the illusion of being led by hand when the hand-held device receives preprogrammed or third-party motion commands. We are exploring its utilization for applications such as driving simulation, directional guidance while wearing VR headsets, and alignment of participant movements at events.

  • Hand movement in response to illusory pull
  • Generation of traction even with a small device
  • Already being used for various navigational purposes
  • Treat yourself to a hands-on demo!

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