Sport & Culture

“Diorama Stadium”
AR-based Tabletop Arena

Experience sporting events from arbitrary viewpoints through real-time AR

“Diorama Stadium” AR-based Tabletop Arena

Sport has become ever more popular in recent years, thanks to the Olympic Games and professional sport.
The new need of the hour is to respond to customer demands for a more immersive viewing experience.
Anticipating the emergence of this new generation of sports viewership, Diosta is offering an entirely new viewing experience using real-time AR.
Our bird’s-eye view feature offers a view of the entire field, enabling you to watch from an arbitrary viewpoint, the visualization of various kinds of data diversifies the ways in which you can enjoy watching sport, the sounds linked to the images increases your sense of being present at the occasion, and you can even watch the game through the eyes of a life-size player.

  • Bird’s-eye view offers of the entire field
  • AR display of all info related to live transmission
  • AR-based info visualisation expands viewing pleasure
  • Service offered in Japanese, English, and Chinese

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