OMOTENASHI Service Using Transparent Display Installed in Mobile Gadget corevo

Experience Japanese hospitality, OMOTENASHI, of the near future.

With a simple device equipped with a high transmittance liquid crystal display and functionality extended via linking to the cloud, by the simple action of “holding over”, the following kinds of use cases are implemented (joint research with Panasonic).
  • ・Distribution of object search information > Displays information related to the object that the device is held over
  • ・Face-to-face translation > Translation function that enables face-to-face conversation between speakers of different languages
  • ・Distribution of stadium real-time information > Distribution of real-time information that doesn’t interfere with watching sports
  • ・Navigation > Safe navigation is achieved by utilizing a transparent display
  • The simple operation of “holding over” something
  • Supports tourism in Japan with NTT’s latest AI
  • Functionality of simple devices can be extended in the cloud
  • Equipped with a high transmittance liquid crystal display

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