“5G Robot” Remote Humanoid Assistant 5G

Next-generation 5G mobile network remote control system for low-delay humanoid robot

The robot operator can operate the robot using “motion capture technology,” in which sensors, such as those used in the creation of computer animations, are used to capture human motion in real time.
Sensors are attached to 24 places on both hands in addition to 17 other places on the body including the head, arms, legs, and hips, and the information obtained through the sensor is sent to the robot at the rate of 60 times per second, allowing the robot to smoothly execute movements similar to a human being.
Tactile sensors are attached to the robot’s thumb, index finger, and middle finger, which allows the operator to get haptic feedback through a glove-like device when the robot grasps things with its fingers.
Two cameras are mounted at the robot’s eye-level, and videos taken by those cameras are displayed on the operator’s head-mount display device in 3D with just a slight delay. This allows the operator to get almost the same perspective as the robot.
The operator is connected with the robot using a 5G transmission device. 5G enables low-delay, broadband transmission, which allows the operator to remotely operate the robot without any stress.
In robot operation using controllers, only trained experts were able to perform the job, but by making it possible for the controller to control the robot simply by moving, it has become possible for anyone to skilfully control a robot.

  • 5G’s low delay and high reliability enables services requiring safety and surety
  • VR-derived motion capture technology allows easy remote control of humanoid robots
  • Shots from 2 cameras on the robot sent to operator in form of 3D videos
  • Tactile sensors on the robot’s hands send haptic feedback to operator

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