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Bicycle sharing system

New public transport links people with their city

A new system that eliminates mechanical bicycle-parking systems and simply mounts communication modules on bicycles themselves to allow direct borrowing and returning.
It also has the following features:
  • ・Remote supervision of bicycle usage status
  • ・Real-time tracking of the bicycle’s location using GPS
  • ・High-precision parking areas realised through BLE-based geofences
  • ・Smartphones or IC cards used as authentication keys
  • ・Speedy establishment of new and temporary ports, as parking ports will not require construction or power-source installation
  • Direct supervision system using communication terminals mounted on the bicycle
  • Realtime tracking of bicycle usage status
  • Borrowing and returning with smartphones or IC cards
  • High-precision parking ports using BLE-based geofences

DOCOMO bikeshare website

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