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Future Navigation with 2.5D Map corevo

Navigation with easily understandable spatial map

Future Indoor Navigation for Pedestrians This is a future indoor navigation service that supports pedestrian movement easily in places that are visited for the first time such as airports, stations and stadiums.
Three-Dimensionally and Transparently Viewable Navigation Even within a facility with a complicated structure, we show the destination by using a 2.5D map (three-dimensional hierarchical map) that can be viewed three-dimensionally and transparently.
Linking to Multiple Devices By linking services between various devices that can use a web browser, such as mobile terminals and signage terminals, you can use them wherever you need them.
Navigation with Dynamic Information It can interact with dynamic information services such as weather, congestion, and operation information and navigate according to the situation at that time.

  • 2.5D Parametric
    Just by giving height information to the existing planar floor map (2D), create a customizable spatial map (2.5D) such as transparency and highlighting
  • Linking to Multiple Devices (map technology-based, delivery method, Web-based)
    Suitable for various devices by using HTML5/WebGL
  • Integrated Management of Dynamic Data
    Service linkage with various information services is possible based on location information. Also expanded to BtoB such as business support

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