Mobility & Logistics

Connected Vehicle Platform

Deploy custom applications to the edge in a secure and agile way

CLOUDWAN: Connected Vehicle Platform Edge

CLOUDWAN enables customers to deliver edge computing applications to their premises in a secure, swift and reliable manner. Our fully virtualized platform provides a seamless experience to manage applications on edge devices by just calling the simple API endpoints of our centralized cloud controller. You can deploy any container-based or virtual-machine-based applications across your remote sites and take advantage of edge computing benefits such as low latency, high throughput and autonomous real-time processing. CLOUDWAN comes with built-in network security, providing a secure overlay for data transport between the edges and the cloud environments. CLOUDWAN is a powerful edge computing platform that delivers the centralization, agility and performance you need to build your own business solutions such as AI-enabled car-infra mobile edge computing applications across the edge.

  • Seamlessly provides edge computing applications to remote devices
  • Low latency, high throughput and autonomous real-time processing
  • Built-in secure network overlay
  • Integrated with API-driven cloud controller for DevOps automation

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