Mobility & Logistics

“New Concept Cart” Vehicle-type Connected Device 5G

A new transport experience for the 5G era

NTT DOCOMO will jointly conduct technical verification experiments with Sony Corporation with a view to offering a new transport experience for the 5G era utilizing the New Concept Cart SC-1 developed by Sony.
Using 5G, high-resolution 4K images can be displayed on the screen mounted on the body of the SC-1 for the benefit of the people around.
Analyzing the images obtained through image sensors will allow the displayed information to change in an interactive manner. This feature will allow the technology to gauge the gender, age, and other attributes of the people around the vehicle, making it possible to tailor advertisements and other information displayed to their interests.

  • Communicating through 4K digital signage and communication displays
  • Analyzing images obtained from image sensors for interactive information delivery
  • 4K in-vehicle display presents 360° views using super-high-sensitive camera sensors surpassing human vision
  • Remote driving and cruising via the cloud

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