Anomaly noise detection in large machine tools

Enabling preventive maintenance and improved uptime using AI to detect and analyze anomalous noise in machine tools

Shipbuilding plants and factories that manufacture large engines and other complex parts use systems and equipment that cannot easily be repaired or replaced. In these plants, equipment trouble has a large impact on the entire production process. Anomalous noises are commonly used to detect signs of potential trouble in machinery, but the problem is that currently this depends on specialized skills and experience that may be difficult to pass along to new workers.
NTT DATA has applied information and communication technology to solve this problem, developing the Monone™ anomalous noise detection solution, which makes sound visible so anyone can conduct the inspections.

  • To raise the level and efficiency of customers’ maintenance work, unknown sounds are detected with high precision; anomalous equipment noise can be identified even in a noisy environment. Functionality for online remote monitoring is also provided.
  • This Anomalous noise detection solution will enable the visualization of production equipment operating status, helping improve utilization rate and manufacturing quality and realizing work process reform on the factory floor.

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