Zero Downtime Factory

“Connect, visualize, think, actuate” at the manufacturing site


All the production equipment at the manufacturing site is connected and information is gathered to achieve improvements in productivity and a non-stop factory.
The operating conditions of the large quantity of manufacturing machinery arranged in the factory are monitored, defective products are detected among the goods produced, and faults and malfunctions of the production machinery are anticipated and detected.
In accordance with the Edge Heavy concept, valuable data about the production equipment are processed at a location close to the site, contributing to improved productivity through high speed and high responsiveness.
As an open platform, the FIELD system connects a variety of machinery and applications, provides application distribution and management equipment, and protects the equipment and data with defense-in-depth security
Operation is assured with updates to the latest apps and call center support.
The system can handle a broad range of sites from the small scale (20 to 30 production equipment) to the large scale (around 150 equipment).

  • Zero Down Time(Support non-stop manufacturing)
  • Create open manufacturing platform
  • Edge Heavy and application distribution (Market place)
  • Security and support

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