Safe Field Work

Health monitor and tracker for businesses, lone workers, sportsmen

hitoe Health Monitoring Platform

hitoe Health Monitoring Platform is a real time health monitoring system that provides a web console for medical or remote operators and a mobile application for operators working in critical areas.
The purpose of the web console is to manage alerts (incoming from mobile application) and monitor health. Operators can also request current state of health directly through a notification system. In case of an alert, the health data details (HR, ECG, position, etc.) are sent to the cloud starting from some minutes before the alert, until the alert stay open.
After the alert, operators are able to view the HR, ECG and posture of each user.
Mobile console usage can be customized with many setting and choices, such as for alert threshold and health threshold.
A mobile application is available for smartphones and smartwatchs. Users can wear the smartwatch and use it during a work shift or a sport session. They only need to open the hitoe application and start the “monitoring session.” This way, they allow the application to monitor health data and send an alert to the cloud if needed. A help request could be sent by the user if he/she does not feel fine. In case of an alert and only then, the mobile application will send health data to the monitor console.

  • Real time health monitor
  • Monitors many users through one web console
  • Custom health alert threshold for each user
  • Live alert system and georeferencing functions

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