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New Experience with Social Robot "JIBO"

Hey makers! Ready to learn coding your Jibo? Jibo now includes the #beamaker app to bring out the maker in you. Easy and fun!

Be a maker with Jibo & CLOQQ

This app allows children (and adults) to learn computing and programming by playing with Jibo. Users will be able to code their own Jibo by accessing Jibo’s real software development kit (SDK) using a programming blocks environment.
It has been carefully designed to be attractive to children while being a great tool for them to learn (fun-learning). Jibo interacts with kids and helps them through their learning process.
The programming block environment is built using technology from the Scratch Team at MIT.

  • Fun and creative learning for your family
  • The first social robot for families to learn together and have fun
  • Unique coding and STEAM education app for your kids
  • Coding is just the beginning, more creative technologies to come soon

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