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Infrastructure Management with Smart Meters

Smart Meter saves your money and increases safety

Smart Meter
LPG is currently supplied in the form of cylinders delivered to households based on monthly on-site meter readings.
Owing to the way that LPG consumption varies according to household temperature and everyday circumstances, and the fact that meters are read only once a month, cylinders tend to be replaced even when fairly full so as to ensure that customers do not run out of gas.
We are developing a LoRaWAN-based system for remotely monitoring cylinder gas levels frequently and accurately to optimize LPG cylinder delivery.
Collecting daily gas consumption data enables:
  • ・More efficient LPG cylinder delivery
  • ・More precise management of cylinder gas levels
  • ・Possibility of fitting just one rather than two LPG cylinders to cut costs
  • ・Maintenance of stock at an appropriate level
  • More precise management of cylinder gas levels and delivery
  • Lower costs from more precise stock maintenance
  • Remote monitoring and cut-off in emergencies

LoRaWAN-based solution for enabling more efficient LPG cylinder delivery

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