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3D World Simulator "AW3D"

The world’s first 3D global map with best resolution

AW3D | Global High-Resolution 3D Map

High-resolution 3D Maps. Enhanced Usability.
Take advantage of the success we’ve had in over 70 countries for your project.
The possibilities for 3D mapping are infinite, ranging from wireless planning, city planning, infrastructure management, disaster management, and environment monitoring, to applications in public health. With advancement in technology, progress has been made in driving forward the demand for 3D maps in almost every aspect of our lives.
Anticipating the needs of modern society, AW3D has been clearing the various limitations for using 3D maps, such as speed and cost, one at a time.
It now offers a rich lineup of high-accuracy 3D maps of consistent quality promptly and inexpensively, making them widely available to people around the world in easy-to-use formats.
Whenever your project needs a propelling force, AW3D is the answer.

  • Global wide-area coverage and consistent-quality data
  • World-class top-level accuracy for planning and design
  • Ultra-short-term development and cost effectiveness
  • Flexibility to offer dedicated products for customer

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