Field Sensing Solution “e-Sensing for Agri”

A sensor-based solution for remotely monitoring cultivated fields

e-Sensing for Agri is a solution for visualizing the environment of cultivated fields on smartphone app, PC, and other screens by automatically collecting temperature, humidity, light intensity and other data from EnOcean Long Range-compatible sensors placed in fields for storage on NTT East’s FLET’S Azukeru online storage service.
e-Sensing for Agri breaks new ground by combining EnOcean Long Range, an LPWA-based technology that enables the transmission of field data without incurring mobile network costs, with energy harvesting using small solar panels to eliminate the need for a grid power source.

  • Off-grid automatic collection of cultivated field environmental data
  • Remote management of fields using LPWA
  • On-demand viewing of environmental data

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