Self-Driving Support System "High-G"

Supplying precise GNSS-based positioning data

High-G is a high-precision GNSS-based positioning system that uses satellite navigation to support the automatic operation of agricultural machinery. Leveraging network RTK technology, it delivers positioning data to an accuracy of about 5 cm.
Deployment and shared use of High-G enables automatic operation in surrounding areas.
Positioning information is supplied to agricultural machinery via DOCOMO’s mobile network.
Agri-Concentrator, the mobile communications device fitted to agricultural machinery to receive High-G positioning information, is an IoT communications hub device that supports various interfaces. Linking with PASS, a smart agriculture platform, Agri-Concentrator can also transmit driven distance/direction and sensing information.

  • Satellite-based provision of centimeter-level positioning information
  • Self-driving support enabling precision operation irrespective of operator skill level
  • More time to focus on machinery operation owing to lighter driving workload
  • Round-the-clock operation, versatile response to sudden weather changes


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