Smart Mariculture

Visualizing the marine environment

ICT Buoy

ICT Buoy is a sensor-based solution for automatically measuring water temperature, salinity and other marine parameters, and enabling the resulting data to be accessed via DOCOMO’s network using smartphones or tablets.
In addition to current values, it also provides past data in the form of tables and graphs to enable trends to be checked.
ICT Buoy enables better fisheries management by enabling precise, close-up remote monitoring of fishing sites.

  • “umimiru” app for remote monitoring on smartphones or tablets etc. of water temperature, salinity, and other parameters at each buoy location
  • Supplementing experience and intuition with data to reduce risks, aid planned production, and improve quality
  • Reduced fuel costs and on-site operations through fishing sites monitoring
  • Message board and logbook functions to aid producer communication

System Configuration

ICT Buoy website (docomo Business Online)

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