Smart Stock-Raising


IoC (Internet of Cattle) - evoLutiOn in aGriculture – a LifeLog of farmstock

U-motion is an animal husbandry IoT service using an individual cattle management system which combines sensors and cloud computing.
The sensor captures eight activities of the cattle (feeding, drinking water, ruminating, lying, inactive, walking, running, heat) and this information will be recorded in the cloud 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Using this system, it is possible to monitor the behavior of the cattle in real time. For example, by accurately detecting cattle "heat", it is possible to reduce the loss of conception opportunities, and by knowing the amount of activities such as “inactive” and “walking”, it is possible to reduce the economic loss to farmers, such as through early detection of diseases and accidents.

  • Monitor the behavior of cattle 24 hours a day in real time
  • Record the cattle’s feeding, drinking water, ruminating, lying, inactivity and moving
  • A long-life, compact device that can also determine posture
  • A strong track record of introducing the system with tens of thousands of head of cattle

U-motion Official Web Site (English)


Need to estimate a pig's weight? It's easy with this smartphone app!

The Digital Mekan is a smartphone app that can easily estimate the weight of a pig.
The proprietary engine developed by NTT TechnoCross is able to estimate the pig’s weight simply by taking photographs directly above it.
Introducing the system for use is extremely easy – just install the app on your smartphone. No special infrastructure, such as a network or cloud platform, is required. The app is easy for anyone to use.
The current target is pigs weighing 100 to 120kg just before shipping. We are advancing with development to enable weight estimates for pigs of a variety of weights, so the system will be able to support pig breeding management in the future.
We are developing this app jointly with Itochu Feed Mills Co., Ltd. We also intend to sell the app via Itochu Feed Mills Co., Ltd.

  • Easy to introduce. Just install a smartphone app
  • Estimate the pig’s weight simply by taking photographs
  • No need for special infrastructure
  • High level image recognition technology

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