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Watching over your paddy fields for you!

PaddyWatch Rice Cultivation Water Management Support System

PaddyWatch is a sensor-based solution for automatically measuring paddy field water level and temperature, and transmitting resulting data over DOCOMO’s network to the smartphones or mobile phones of rice farmers. By enabling remote monitoring of paddy field water status, PaddyWatch can relieve rice farmers of much of the labor involved in water management.
Its data also provides a snapshot of the aquatic environment of paddy fields useful to pest and weed control, heat damage countermeasures, and efficient application of pesticides and fertilizer, thereby increasing yield and reducing costs.

  • Labor-saving water management and more efficient rice cultivation
  • Supplementing farmer experience and intuition with sensor data to better control pests, weeds, and high temperature injury risks, resulting in higher yield
  • Lower costs from more efficient pesticide and fertilizer application
  • Remote monitoring of water level and temperature with FieldWatch app
    Email notification of deviation from settings

PaddyWatch website (docomo Business Online)

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